Effective April 8, 2010, Surnaturelle is now an invite-only hosting collective.

Due to bandwidth, server and personnel limitations, we are unfortunately unable to accept new customers at this time. Current, active customers of Surnaturelle are welcome to invite friends and family to use Surnaturelle's services if desired.

What does this mean for me?

If you are a current customer, nothing will change. You will still receive the same low prices and personalized support you have come to expect as a Surnaturelle customer. You will also be welcome to invite friends and family to join Surnaturelle if you so choose, and will be free to upgrade or downgrade your current services as you choose. Of course, should you choose to end your relationship with Surnaturelle, we will be happy to help you find another provider to meet your needs.

If you are not currently a customer of Surnaturelle, you will not be able to receive hosting or domain services through Surnaturelle at this time. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, such as in cases of financial need (students, unemployed bloggers, etc); you can contact us for more information.

Will Surnaturelle reopen at a later date?

This closure is, for the time being, indefinite.

Where can I get hosting and domain services instead?

We recommend that you check out Holdfire. We've found their prices very reasonable and their customer support to be very pleasant.